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Dream. Love. Dare

Lava comprises of Kiwi singer/songwriting family The O'Connors (Amanda and Sean with teenage daughters Acacia and Rosie) plus Canadian composer / pianist Vanya Popov.
Lava's debut album, Dream Love Dare, features 13 original songs written by the band and produced by Phil Riley (Life of Riley Studios, Wellington). The album represents a collection of personal and timely material about individual and collective journeys, offering hope, reflection and 'inner peace'.

Lava invited me help create and launch their beautiful debut album and world tour. Working closely with the band and various promoters, we soon created what became a very successful independent album, "Dream Love Dare".

The promotion also included various marketing needed to support the World Tour, from magazine articles, events/tour posters and social stream promotions.



Amanda Ironside

Sean Occonnor

Rosie Occonnor

Vanya Popov.

Acica occonnor

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